Harvest Thanksgiving

Church News | Sunday, 27 September 2020 |

By Carolyn Tibbott

Harvest Thanksgiving




Good Morning,

This week we celebrate Harvest Festival. There will be a 9am Morning Worship Service which will be live streamed via our Facebook page. The Eucharist will be available from 6am.

I am going to leave the porch door of the church open all day, if you would like to make a donation of food (tins or packets), nappies or other essentials, I will donate them to the Food Bank on our behalf.

In my sermon this week I have suggested you reflect on the words of Psalm 65 so here they are:

       Praise is yours, God in Zion. Now is the moment

       to keep our vow, for you, God, are listening.     

       All people come to you bringing their shameful  deeds.

       You free us from guilt, from overwhelming sin.


       Happy are those you invite and then welcome to your courts.

       Fill us with the plenty of your house, the holiness of your temple.


      You give victory in answer to our prayer.

      You inspire awe, God, our saviour, hope of distant lands and waters.


      Clothed in power, you steady the mountains;

      you still the roaring seas, restless waves, raging nations.

      People everywhere stand amazed at what you do,

      east and west shout for joy.


      You tend and water the land. How wonderful the harvest!

      You fill your springs, ready the seeds, prepare the grain.


      You soak the furrows and level the ridges.

      With softening rain you bless the land with growth.


      You crown the year with riches. All you touch comes alive:

      untilled lands yield crops, hills are dressed in joy,


      Flocks clothe the pastures,

      Valleys wrap themselves in grain.

      They all shout for joy and break into song.


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