Preparing the Way

Church News | Sunday, 8 December 2019 |

By Joan

John the Baptist came to prepare the Way

John the Baptist came to prepare the Way

Advent is a time of waiting and preparing – Today we hear how John the Baptist had to wait for Jesus to come and be prepared for baptism and his future ministry. Revd Anne remarked on the reading from Isaiah 11: 1 where we hear of the prediction saying that out of the stem of Jesse a branch would grow with the spirit of wisdom and understanding. John would have been very aware of this knowledge and knew that the ‘new shoot’ would bring forth new beginnings so, he wasn’t much impressed to have the Sadducees and Pharisees coming along to witness and indulge in his baptisms, he referred to them as a ‘brood of vipers’ for he knew they had not come to repent of their sins, rather they came along to see what was going on… John wasn’t afraid to tell all that one greater than he would come along, a mighty one, who’s sandals he was not worthy to carry and that the greater one would baptise with the Holy Spirit, unlike himself who baptised with water from the river Jordan. John foretold that those who came on false pretences were like trees which would be cut down and thrown in the fire because they would not bear fruit…

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