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Church News | Wednesday, 3 April 2013 |

By Joan

Danger! Keep Out!

Danger! Keep Out!

No it wasn’t an April fool’s joke when Revd Carolyn asked for people to come along to the church on 1st April to help clear everything out!

If it had been a joke Carolyn would have caught a lot of people out as around 25 people turned up to help with the removal of all impermanent objects while the church was prepared for the new heating system to be installed. The whole church, was to be cleared and put out of bounds because of the amount of asbestos that was present within the old oil-burning heaters. Because of the good will, energy and fellowship of those who came, everything was removed and re-located in roughly two and a half hours although, some people did turn up earlier than requested and some stayed after almost all of the work had been accomplished and when the majority of people had made their weary way home.

It was just wonderful to see such helpful, friendly energy at work and better still, to see most of the helpers scoffing toasted, hot cross buns and chocolate cake, teas and coffees after St. Leonard’s Hall had been set up to look like church.

Reverend Carolyn says thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the move in any way and gave a huge sigh of relief when first thing Tuesday morning the contractors turned up ready for work. Carolyn was delighted to see that everything had run so smooth; however, she did find it rather amusing when workmen notices were placed outside the entrance to the Hall and Church saying ‘Keep out’ ‘Danger!’

Ps. All is clear of asbestos now and hopefully we will enjoy our usual services in St Leonard's Hall. Work on instaling the new central heating should begin on Monday 8th April.

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A welcome rest and a cupper!

A welcome rest and a cupper!

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