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Church News | Sunday, 25 February 2018 |

By Joan

Happy Golden-Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Golden-Wedding Anniversary!

What a beautiful 10.30am service we had today, it seemed to have all the elements of love, care and trust rolled into one. During the notices Revd Carolyn remarked on a homeless man Mr Rob O'Connor, originally from Canada, who had passed away in Chelmsford town centre on Friday during an exceptionally cold spell… Carolyn, put out a plea for some donations to be collected to help towards something for the homeless or perhaps helping to pay for a decent funeral for the poor man. (Care)

Then, during the service we were delighted to be part of a lovely wedding blessing performed by Revd Carolyn to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Kathy and Keith Rouse, and along with their family, it was so nice for us all to be there to celebrate with them and offer them our congratulations. (Love)

Revd Diana said in her address that we have to live by trusting God during our life’s journey. Diana said that too often we tend to live by, and trust in our own resources rather than trust that God will lead us in the direction he wants us to go. God promised Abraham a son even though he and his wife were both very old. St Paul said that Abraham trusted in God and Isaac was born proving that Abraham had faith, and if we believe we will be truly blessed. However, Jesus askes us to go further with our trust, even if it leads to suffering… Jesus had faith, his trust was so deep that he scolded his disciple Peter when he told Jesus that he should not have to suffer, because Jesus knew the path he had to follow he had such faith in his Father. (Trust)

Once again, Revd Diana mentioned the homeless man who gave his life for what? Maybe, just maybe, if he trusted In God his sacrifice may help to make us all more aware of those who go hungry, cold and homeless on the streets of our City…

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