Holy Baptism

Church News | Sunday, 18 February 2018 |

By Joan

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism

Revd Anne asked how many of us remembered our baptism. There were some of course, but the majority of us could not remember because we were babies or very young children. Revd Anne explained that baptism is fundamental to the Christian faith as it washes away our sins.

God tried once to free man from sin, by covering the earth with water but said he would never do that again instead, he sent his son, Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate price for the sins of man. Man is only human and succumbs to wrong-doing and baptism by water and our annual renewal of baptismal vows are a reminder of becoming free from sin so that we can start over again.

At Jesus’ baptism in the river Jordan conducted by John, we hear of the Holy Spirit descending as a dove upon Jesus and we hear from the Gospel of Mark of God’s voice saying “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” We then hear how the Holy Spirit drives Jesus into the wilderness where he has to overcome the many temptations of life.

Revd Anne said that we, like Jesus, often find ourselves stranded in a desert trying to resist the temptations of greed and want and of other human weaknesses – but through our baptism we know that God is always with us, giving us the courage to face our own forty days in the wilderness, for He knows us well and we know for sure that He will never abandon us.

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