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Church News | Sunday, 11 February 2018 |

By Joan

The Astonishing Transfiguration

The Astonishing Transfiguration

To transform means to alter, to convert, to renovate and to change, amongst a few other examples I should imagine, we even saw a change in the weather today, from brilliant sunshine this morning to rain, some sleet and snow this evening. We are all used to change I know but for the disciples, to see their leader Jesus transformed from a man into a glowing, pure white vision must have been more than mind-shattering.

To try to explain the amazing story of Jesus’ transformation must have also been mind-blowing and yet Revd Julie made it all sound so understandable by saying that our Lord's Transfiguration was a means of revealing his true identity to the disciples, similar to the way we are transformed at our baptism, and rather like the way we are transformed at our wedding, we go from one stage to another in a small space of time. We are also changed drastically when we become a parent, even though we are basically the same person we change our identity, or is it God who calls us by name and changes our identity for us? A drastic change perhaps that can shock some people in the same way as the disciples Peter, James and John were shocked to see such an amazing, astonishing change in Jesus, only to be brought back down to earth when Jesus returned to his normal self after God’s voice had been heard from behind a cloud saying that Jesus was his Son of whom he was well pleased, and telling the disciples to ‘listen to him’. Jesus later told his disciples not to tell anyone about his transfiguration because they wouldn’t understand until after He had died and had been resurrected.

Revd Julie assured us that Jesus can transform our lives if we let him, especially when we are lost He is always there, just like the sun which shines all the time but is often hidden by clouds. So, why not allow Jesus to transform your life today?

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