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Church News | Sunday, 4 February 2018 |

By Joan

The Elaments

The Elaments

What a lovely service we had today – A very special service, for the young people who were to take Communion B4 Confirmation for the very first time. The service was conducted by Revd Carolyn this morning assisted by Revd Julie, and began with the usual greeting, readings and hymns, before Carolyn delivered the Gospel reading from the book of John 1: 1-14 which starts with the words ‘In the beginning was the Word’. Such a beautiful reading, well fitting for the young people who were preparing themselves to receive the body and blood of our Saviour.

Revd Carolyn spoke briefly in her sermon saying how for weeks they had all been preparing for the youngsters to take the next step forward in their faith. Carolyn said how she was rather traditional and of the ‘old school’ and that she had to think long and hard before deciding whether to sit with her traditional thinking or whether to move forward with some of St Mary’s young people who were perhaps ready to partake in the bread and wine offered at the Eucharist service. Carolyn said that she believed some of the youngsters who she had known since they were very young children were indeed mature enough to take this important step.

Revd Carolyn then called Cole, Kiera, Amy, Gabrielle and Gracie forward and whilst holding lighted candles they stood while she explained the important stage in their journey of faith and then asked them if they wished to be admitted to Holy Communion to which they all replied - Yes! The whole congregation was then asked if they would support them in prayer to which we replied – We will!

After the short but meaningful mini-service the youngsters and their parents went forward first to take communion before the choir and the rest of the congregation.

Such a lovely service for our young people – and I am sure we all hope and pray that sooner or later our young-ones will move even further forward in their faith by being Confirmed. God bless our youngsters…

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God bless you all,

God bless you all,

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