A Centurion's faith

Church News | Monday, 30 May 2016 |

By Joan

A great man - A great faith.

A great man - A great faith.

What a character the Centurion in Luke’s Gospel Ch: 7 must have had? Used to being in charge, giving orders and expecting those instructions to be fulfilled promptly and efficiently, he was so full of confidence. The Centurion had obviously heard a lot of talk about this man Jesus and understood him to be a great prophet, healer and teacher. The Roman Centurion was also sympathetic to other faiths as he had ordered a synagogue to be built so that the Jewish community could worship there. The Centurion didn’t hesitate to send for Jesus when one of his favourite slaves took to his sick bed. Not wanting to lose such a trusted servant it seemed only right to call on Jesus as he was known to be in the area, It was the Jewish elders who approached Jesus initially to ask him to comply with the wish of the Centurion as they felt him to be worthy of Jesus’ help.

It seems that the Centurion had absolutely no doubt that Jesus could heal his servant, so firm was his belief. He trusted and had complete certainty that Jesus would fulfil his orders.

Perhaps the Centurion aligned himself somewhat with Jesus after all, they were both prominent characters, both had authority, both had a duty to perform, yet both had compassion for others. However, the Centurion had second thoughts about commanding Jesus to come to him; hence, he sent word straight away via his friends saying that he felt unworthy to have ordered such a great man to come into his house, and that he need only to say the word from afar for his slave to be healed. And of course the servant was returned to his master. Even Jesus was amazed at this Centurion’s faith. If only we had such faith in our Saviour…

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