Explaining the Unexplainable.

Church News | Monday, 23 May 2016 |

By Joan

This picture doesn’t attempt to explain the unexplainable

This picture doesn’t attempt to explain the unexplainable

With Revd Carolyn away on holiday it was left to Revd Anne to attempt to explain the unexplainable! Anne began her sermon by saying that a joke goes around in clergy circles saying that if they book a holiday over Trinity Sunday they can leave it to the curate to try to explain the concept of the Trinity…

During the notices that were given out before the service began, Revd Anne asked us to think about the amount of times that the word ‘Trinity’ is mentioned in the wording of the hymns and readings. So when Anne began her sermon, she asked us if we had taken note of the word Trinity and how often it had been used, we agreed that the hymns contained the word many times, but what about the old, new and Gospel readings? We had to think about that for sure! Anne then reminded us that of course the word Trinity isn’t mentioned at all in the Bible!

It seems that the word ‘Trinity’ appertaining to the ‘Three in One’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit was a word adopted by the early church to try to explain how God transformed himself into a Man and then into a Spirit after the demise of the visible God.

Jesus’ disciples and followers must have had immense difficulty in trying to make sense of what had happened to them during the previous five or so years… They had been called by this incredible man Jesus who performed miracles and proclaimed himself to be God Incarnate, to have seen him glorified, then to have watched him die in agony, to witness him raised and to see him lifted up into the clouds and then to become aware and feel a Holy Spirit descend upon them. How could anyone explain those happenings? It cannot be explained, we just have to trust and believe.

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