The Bereavement Service

Church News | Tuesday, 30 October 2012 |

By A Church Member

So comforting!

So comforting!

I found the Bereavement service held last Sunday at 3.00pm so very comforting. Everyone who had lost a family member and had held their funeral at St. Mary’s over the last couple of years had been invited to the service by letter however, anyone could attend and I was one.

The theme of the service was taken from a children’s book called ‘Water Bugs and Dragonflies’ by Doris Stickney, illustrated by Robyn Nordstrom, and it attempts to explain death to young children. The hymns were lovely and the readings and prayers given by Revd. Carolyn and Readers Sue and Anne were particularly beautiful and poignant. During the intercessions we were invited to join in a couple of the responses where we could say the name or names of our departed loved ones out loud or quietly within our hearts. We were then invited to light a candle in memory of them, of which there were many. When the service ended, walking out of the flickering, candlelit church was lovely and I went home feeling very comforted. On my way home I overheard one lady say that her husband had died almost two years before and yet she was still invited by letter to come along to the service, she said it ‘made her feel so special’.

It is inevitable, that you will be affected by the death of a loved one some time in your life, and you might take great comfort from Doris Stickney’s book ‘Water Bugs & Dragonflies’. I know it was written mainly to explain death to young children, but I must admit, it helped an older lady like me too…

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