St Mary's Away Day

Church News | Monday, 29 October 2012 |

By Joan Vine

A joyful day brought forth lots of ideas!

A joyful day brought forth lots of ideas!

What am amazing day we had on Saturday 27th Oct – St Mary’s away day was held in the beautiful setting of Mulburry House in High Ongar. There must have been about 25 people attend this quiet, reflective, prayerful yet dynamic day. Mulburry House is a stunning place in a superb setting. We started just after 10am with prayers and a very short service before Carolyn put us to work in small groups to go over some of the positive and negative issues relating to St Mary’s Church. There was plenty of time for reflection and some quiet time for us to go away on our own just to think. After lunch Carolyn took on the task of trying to quell any fears surrounding our much loved church and its future position within the village. Leah and Ros were invited to share ideas and some interesting information.

Just prior to afternoon coffee, Carolyn called upon us all to get into small groups of five or so again to think of ways we could continue to improve the mission and out-reach of St Mary's for the people of Broomfield… When we were all called together again Ros was given the job of scribe as we took turns to call out our ideas, and wow! What a lot of ideas and suggestions came to light. So prolific were our suggestions that after only a short while Ros could find no more room on the flip-chart page to write, and owing to time marching on Carolyn had to call a halt to any further ideas (of which there were still some forthcoming). After a short session of prayers we all made our way home, feeling very satisfied with the work we had done for the love of our church building and its people.

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