Church News | Sunday, 30 January 2022 |

By Joan

The Light of Hope!

The Light of Hope!

This Sunday like busses, we brought together a few of our favourite celebrations all at once, that of Candlemas, Christingle and the Presentation of Christ into the Temple. With the recognition of our Saviour by Simeon and Anna, we can see how the Hope of God’s word came to fruition. We also expressed our Hope for the Children’s Society, a Christian charity set up many years ago for the support and aid of disadvantaged Children. Revd Dawn spoke to us about hope and she posed a question for us all to consider, that of ‘Where do we find our hope?’ – With the help of Andy, Revd Dawn also explained the meaning of the Christingle and with the added help of her family, we were able to take home a bag with all the components of the Christingle, so that we could make one at home, my effort is in the photograph accompanying these words. We also welcomed the Puppet Crew who performed a song entitled ‘A Song for Christingle’ by G Kendrick. A performance that I hoped the children in the congregation enjoyed: ‘Candlelight, burning bright, chase the darkness of the night. Christ the light, light our way. live inside our hearts today… Amen

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