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By Joan

The importance of Prayer

The importance of Prayer

Almost every one likes to feel that they are important! Even if we are only a little bit important, we like to feel it – and so it has always been… Even in the early church it seems that they would argue about who was the most significant one, and in Paul’s letter to the Corinthian community he set out to explain the importance of importance. Revd Diana lead our Eucharist this morning, and our readings from Nehemiah and Corinthians were long and enduring. And in his address to us, Andy continued on the theme of importance agreeing with Paul when he said that we all have gifts and like the body, no part is less needed than any other, just as the eye is needed, so is the ear and the foot. And like us, we all have skills no matter how large or how small, or seen or unseen, all our skills are as important as each-others. Andy mentioned how an event in a church he attended showed this… as each year the ‘best’ cake would be judged and it was always the same baker who won until another baker came along and stole the limelight – I am sure we all grinned behind our masks at the thought of the usual winner being overshadowed, but had her skill been made any less important? I don’t think so! Andy continued saying that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant our skills, they are still of the utmost importance to the church. Prayer may at times seem very trivial but it is still one of the most important and skillful things we can do – Amen

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