The Wedding in Cana

Church News | Sunday, 16 January 2022 |

By Joan

Transforming water into the finest wine.

Transforming water into the finest wine.

This morning we heard about Jesus’ first miracle of changing water into the finest wine… In her sermon Revd Carolyn said how she loves conducting weddings for, regardless of the couple’s ongoing relationship, she said that she can see a change, a transformation in the couples’ as they take their vows, they are seen to be made holy before God. Our God is totally loving and He allows us to share that type of love with others. God calls us to live in relationships and as we marry, we are joined together as one. And although, in our everyday lives we have to endure the ups and downs, if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can see the ordinary change into the amazing! Revd Carolyn, said that so much has changed over the last few years, yet God has stayed faithful to us. Our faithful and loving God can help us as we move forward and transform our lives. Revd Carolyn also advised us of a six-week course to be held on Sunday afternoons at St Augustine’s Church at 4pm entitled ‘Living in Love and Faith.

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