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Church News | Sunday, 2 January 2022 |

By Joan

Follow the Star

Follow the Star

At our first Eucharist Service of the New Year, we found ourselves seated among the dust and alongside the many pipes that have already been removed from our wonderful organ. But we were still able to worship the Lord regardless and, in her address, Revd Carolyn spoke to us of the hope that the Christ Child brought to the world, and that hope was for us to see the light! The first people to be told of the light were the poor, ordinary shepherds who were in the fields caring for the sheep when an Angel of the Lord appeared to them and told them to follow the Star, so that they could find the Holy Baby… So, how do we find Jesus? How can we put Jesus at the centre of the Christmas story? We can all find Jesus if we look for the good in the world, whether it be through Disney Film heroes or some amazing religious leader like the most Revd Desmond Tutu, people who have always been those of good deeds, peace and prayer. The Wise Men needed to faithfully follow the light, a star that lit up the dark world. The hope they felt is still here in Christ, the hope and light that the Three Kings found for the future. An amazing story that will never die… Amen

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