Advent Candle of Joy

Church News | Monday, 14 December 2015 |

By Joan

Willow lights the candle of Joy

Willow lights the candle of Joy

As our lovely little Willow lit the third advent candle of JOY this morning Revd Carolyn read: As we light this Advent candle, may its flame be a symbol of hope; its warmth be a symbol of God’s love for each one of us; may it inspire us to live simply and generously, after the example of John the Baptist and your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the World. Amen.

And we replied with the words: We come to you, gracious God: with our lives open show us how to live your way; with our hands open show us how to truly give; with our hearts open cleanse us, and teach us the way of truth and integrity. Amen.

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