Reflections – Peace

Church News | Tuesday, 21 December 2021 |

By Joan

Mary, young, innocent and obedient,

Mary, young, innocent and obedient,

As the stress of the fast-approaching Christmas day celebrations envelope us, Revd Carolyn asked us if we were at peace… This evening we quietly thought upon Mary, the young girl who found herself with child, unmarried and afraid who went afar to stay with her cousin Elizabeth a much older lady who was also bearing a child, one which leapt in her womb when it felt the presence of the Emmanuel. We listened to the haunting strains of the Magnificat or Song of Mary while we pondered on the mysterious journey of a human being from the moment of conception until birth. Apart from reflect, we did nothing, we didn’t have to sing or read, we didn’t even have to pray we had to do nothing else but listen to poignant music, beautiful words and to sense the silence which surrounded us. We heard the beautiful words from a poem by Helen Steiner Rice words, about a mother’s love ‘that is something no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain.’ Whilst carrying our Saviour - Mary, this young, innocent, obedient youngster would have had no awareness of what pain both she and her son would have to endure… But it is only through their pain and suffering, that we find within us the true sense of – Peace.

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