Church News | Sunday, 6 December 2015 |

By Joan

Emily lit the candle of Preparation.

Emily lit the candle of Preparation.

St Mary’s family service celebrated the second Sunday of Advent. The first Advent candle of ‘Hope’ was alight and Emily was called forward to light the second purple candle for us, which is the candle of ‘Preparation’.

In Diana’s sermon she invited Emily and a couple of other youngsters up to the front to help her prepare for a visitor, it was a special visit by a special person, none other than the Queen!

One of the youngsters stood in the pulpit with a pair of binoculars and a microphone so that he could keep a lookout and warn everyone when the Queen had arrived while the girls busied themselves dusting and polishing and preparing a table fit for their special visitor. Of course when the Queen arrived (crown and all) everyone bowed and curtsied before she was invited to sit down and indulge in some chocolate finger biscuits. Fun of course, but it helped demonstrate how we should always prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, not that he came with a crown, for he didn’t, he came as a poor, homeless and helpless baby yet we are compelled to prepare a special place in our hearts for Him every single year.

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