Reflections – Joy

Church News | Tuesday, 14 December 2021 |

By Joan

So quiet, so peaceful, such Joy.

So quiet, so peaceful, such Joy.

So close to the most joyful day of the Christian year, and probably the most stressful time also – Have we got all the gifts, the cards we need, have I forgot someone? What food shall I get, will we have enough drink, will the church Services and activities go off okay? Will we be safe from Covid? And so, it goes on and on… How joyful then it is to spend just a short time in church, so quiet, so peaceful, doing nothing but reflecting on the true spirit of Christmas and the Christ-child that is to be born. Luke’s Gospel tells of Elizabeth and Zachariah, who were righteous before God, and of the Joy they felt, being told by an angel that they would be blessed with a son who would foretell of the promised one… Such happiness! And so, through the quiet and stillness we hear that ‘God’s love endureth forever’ ‘For never do prayers go unanswered, and His mercy and love never fail’… Words read to us by Revd Carolyn from a beautiful poem penned by Helen Steiner Rice. Such Joy

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