First of Advent – Hope

Church News | Sunday, 28 November 2021 |

By Joan



First of Advent – Hope: On a very cold but bright morning we were welcomed to our first Advent Service and in her address, Revd Diana plus a few other people in the congregation said that they can remember, many years ago a man who used to walk around town wearing a notice board with the text ‘Prepare to meet your God’ – Revd Diana said that the man must have been very brave as he was probably ridiculed on a constant basis, and yet that is exactly what the Advent message is telling us. Its message of Joy and celebrations also warns us of judgment and dread. Yet as we try to process this warning, along comes Christmas and who would have thought that a baby would have provoked the angels and the shepherds to come declaring the good news and the message of joy, and that Jesus would fulfil the promises of God. Jesus is our saviour and we are judged by perfect love. We must love like Christ, and with Jesus by our side we see that perfect love in us. So, live in HOPE, love your neighbour as yourself and be prepared to meet with God. Amen.

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