Christ the King

Church News | Sunday, 21 November 2021 |

By Joan

Christ the King of Kings

Christ the King of Kings

At this morning’s Family Service, we celebrated Christ the King, a time when Jesus was questioned on his status. Are you a King? Asked Herod… In her address, Revd Dawn started by showing us some pictures of people and asked us to guess what their role in life was. She showed us an obvious fire fighter, a police man, a plumber of course, then she asked someone in the congregation to stand up just as he was and asked us what his job was – Well of course we couldn’t tell because his work wasn’t obvious from his attire, and he had no tools. Like Jesus, He had no tools, no uniform, no trappings of grandeur! How could he possibly be a king? He must have appeared just like an ordinary, probably poor man so it was no wonder that Herod was confused. Jesus, was the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and yet he didn’t come as the type of King we would all recognise for he had no crown, no robes and no guards. In fact, He said that He hadn’t come to be revered instead He came to serve and to lay down His life for all people. So how can we recognise Jesus as King? Revd Dawn advised us to watch out, look and listen to the truth. He came into the world as a helpless baby, and left the world as a helpless innocent and yet He is King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the one who flung stars into space. Following the sermon we had lovely, meaningful prayers read by some of our younger members, beautiful.

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