Remembrance Sunday

Church News | Sunday, 14 November 2021 |

By Joan

Grant peace in our time Lord.

Grant peace in our time Lord.

It’s always got to be a special day for us to remember the thousands of men and women who lost their lives so that we could live in peace. St Mary’s Church was packed this morning to pay respects to those who died in two World Wars, and are indeed, still giving their lives today. We sang our favourite remembrance hymns, ‘Eternal Father’, ‘Jerusalem’, ‘Guide me, O Though great Redeemer’ and ‘O Lord my God’… So beautiful. In his address Andy said how important it was for us to remember, and told us of how many burial sites and war-zones he had visited during his time as a coach driver and how he would stand, sometimes alone in a beautiful, peaceful spot and try to imaging the horror and carnage their must have been when war was raging. Andrew, hoped that Remembrance Day would be honoured well after all the people who actually remember the horrors of war are gone. He trusted that the act of annual remembrance will help create hope for peace in the future. Today is indeed a special day for us, Lord and Father of all, as we wear our poppies, we know that You care for all Your people, living and departed. We ask that You hold all who have suffered during war, those who are scared, those who have been wounded, disillusioned and those communities diminished by loss… Lord grant us peace in our time. Amen

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