Bereavement Service

Church News | Sunday, 7 November 2021 |

By Joan

Everybody hurts sometimes.

Everybody hurts sometimes.

Many gathered in St Mary’s Church this afternoon for a very poignant Bereavement Service. In her address, Revd Carolyn said how much we love to gather when a loved-one is lost. Not that we really want to get together but we have to meet in order to give each other the comfort we need. We are mere mortals and at times of loss we can feel very isolated and need to be close to those we love. And when we do come close our spirit stirs and we may get a glimpse of heaven. Most of us fear death no matter how strong we are. There is nothing anyone can say or do to reassure us but Revd Carolyn said, that those from the church can only walk along beside us and share our pain. Following the sermon, we were invited to write the names of those to be remembered on a small card and bring them up to the front so that Andy could read out their names while Revd Dawn helped us to light a candle in their memory. Revd Carolyn said that all those named will be prayed for all next week… After the service we were invited into St Leonard’s Hall for refreshments. Thank you – ‘Everybody hurts sometimes’, but it was a lovely service.

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