The Greatest Commandment.

Church News | Monday, 1 November 2021 |

By Joan

The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment

Such a lovely Eucharist Service this Sunday 31st Oct… A rather blustery and rainy morning that didn’t appear to keep people away from church. In her address, Revd Diana spoke of her love from the season of Autumn, vibrant colours and cool days, but now that the clocks have gone back an hour Revd Diana remarked on those people who may feel very lonely especially during the darker nights and she asked us to imagine what it must have been like in medieval times when there was no electricity or gas to lighten the peoples’ darkness. We celebrated All Saint’s Day and Revd Diana said how our Christian Saints bring light into our darkness as opposed to Halloween with its scary ghosts and ghouls! All Saint’s Day is a wonderful celebration giving us light and hope and showing us how we can become people of light by following Jesus who said that the greatest commandment was that of loving God with all our heart, and loving our neighbour as ourselves. Our Christian Saints loved God with all their might because God gave us, not only his beloved Son but He sent us the Holy Spirit – the giver of light, hope and of course, love.

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