Harvest Festival.

Church News | Tuesday, 2 October 2012 |

By A church member

Our havest collection WILL be distributed fairly.

Our havest collection WILL be distributed fairly.

The Harvest Festival Service in church on Sunday was just wonderful. The church was full of people who had come along to thank God for all his goodness and generosity to us again this year. Greeting us as we entered St Mary’s was the delicious, warm, smell of bread baking and we just couldn’t wait to see how that was going to be included in the service. However, we were eventually shown how unfairly earth’s yields are distributed when our vicar Carolyn, shared out slices of bread. During her sermon Carolyn called up some children and adults and gave each a simple sign to display: Rich man, business man, farmer, baker, poor man, beggar, etc. we laughed as each person had to hold up their sign as she told a story however, our laughs turned quiet as she distributed the bread - three slices to the rich man and the business man, two slices to the baker and farmer, just a small piece of crust to the poor child – who looked so disappointed at her little bit of bread and of course the beggar, who was thrown a crumb of bread on the floor in front of him… We all laughed but… Mmmm! Amidst our own bounty, it certainly made us think!

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