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Church News | Tuesday, 6 September 2016 |

By Joan

The stunning window

The stunning window

Revd. Carolyn invited all those who help keep the church open on a Tuesday and Thursday to a buffet lunch on Tuesday 6th September. We had lots of goodies supplied to us, (not too good for those who are taking part in our Sponsored Slim of course, but hey!). Carolyn thanked us all, for what she said was a wonderful ministry and that she hoped one day that the church could be kept open a lot more often. After a lovely lunch we were invited to sit in the choir stalls while Peter Baker, one of our church wardens talked to us about our amazing altar window and explained some of the meanings shown in the stained glass art work. This beautiful window, amongst others, was destroyed during World War 2 and re-designed and executed by Rosemary Rutherford who went on to become a stained glass artist.

At the very top of the window is a sunburst and to the side are two small windows which represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary then a little lower are the four disciples Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, all with folded wings and to either side is a bird with stars depicting the Seven Joys of Mary. Centre is the Risen Christ with his foot on the arch of the tomb from which he has just risen, surrounded by some of his devoted disciples. Peter must have spent many hours researching the information he gave us, which he hoped would help us all to learn a little more and that we can perhaps pass on to people who wander into the church. It was wonderful to learn more about our lovely, ancient church and its stunning windows. Thank you Peter it was very enlightening.

If anyone feels that they would like to help keep the church open, please get in touch with Reverend Carolyn who will be delighted to pass your name onto Elaine Richbell who makes-up the rota for this important ministry. Contact Revd Carolyn on 01245 440318 or e:

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